how do we develop leaders?


In-person or virtual sessions

leadership coaching


One-on-one and group coaching to support emerging, mid-level, and senior leaders “step up their game” to achieve their goals.

to support…


☑︎Onboarding to a new role

☑︎Developing a team

☑︎Managing organizational dynamics

☑︎Overcoming career “stallers”

☑︎Achieving challenging goals

☑︎Managing complexity & polarities

☑︎Leading change

☑︎Balancing work/life issues

coaching elements

Set development goals

Conduct personal style and leadership assessments

Solicit input from key stakeholders

Establish metrics for success

our approach to coaching


☑︎Clarify priorities

☑︎Increase self-awareness

☑︎Engage key stakeholders

☑︎Question assumptions

☑︎Identify obstacles

☑︎Broaden options

☑︎Build on strengths

☑︎Keep in action


leadership development


Design and facilitation of highly interactive leadership, management, and staff training, tailored to the needs of the organization.

workshops include:


  • Identifying and Leveraging Strengths

  • The Generational Divide: How to Manage Gen Y’s

  • Building a Strength-Based Team

  • Tying Performance to Development Planning

  • Leading Effective Meetings

  • Improving Performance Through Effective Communication Skills

  • Delegating Effectively

  • Interviewing Skills for Hiring the Best Candidate

  • Developing Critical Competencies for Organizational Success

  • Creating Meaningful “Stretch” Assignments

  • Leader-Led Development: How Leaders Can Develop Their Future Leaders

  • Improving Performance: Skills to Master; Pitfalls to Avoid

  • And other custom-designed, workshops, training, and speaking engagements

Let us help develop your leaders